21 Absolutely Invaluable Kitchen Hacks Few People Know Of

Here at Safuha, we’ve gathered together some life hacks for preparing food, cleaning and organizing your cooking space. Some of them you may have never suspected.

Cooking Hacks

1. How to remove seeds from vegetables quickly

2. How to remove excess fat from cooked food.

3. Use film wrap like a professional chef

4. Peel Citrus Fruits Easily

5. Make peeling boiled eggs easier

6. How to squeeze more juice out of your citrus fruits

7. How to grate soft cheese with less mess

8. How to cut onions without tears

9. The smart way to boil pasta

10. How to roast a whole chicken

11. Parchment paper for cupcakes

12. The right way to warm up baked items

When warming up pizza or other baked items in the microwave, put a cup of water in alongside it. The moisture will stop the pastry from drying out too much and preserve crunchy crusts.

13. Making perfect basted eggs

Break the eggs into a pan as if you’re going to fry them, but instead of vegetable oiladd some water and then put the pan on the heater. As a result, you’ll get the perfect eggs with liquid yolk.

Storage Hacks

1. How to keep cooking herbs

2. The right way to store shelled nuts

Cleaning Hacks

The right way to clean a cast iron frying pan

2. How to rid your hands of unpleasant odors

3. How to return metal kitchenware to its previous shine

4. Restoring wooden spoons to life

5. The right way to clean wooden chopping boards

7. How to keep your recipes clean

Source: BrightSide