20 Helpful Tips For Pet Owners

We would like to offer you an awesome selection of tips that’ll help save time and make caring for your pets a much easier task. Take a look!


1. A tear-proof toy

Dogs adore soft toys. But — they tend to tear them to shreds far too quickly. Instead of constantly buying new ones, why not make a cool, everlasting dog toy with your own hands? All you need to do is take a plastic lattice ball and stuff it with rags.

2. A scratching post

You can make a perfect homemade scratching post by wrapping a length of thin cord around a leg of a chair or table.

3. Storing pet food

The best way to store dry pet treats is to keep them in a plastic jug.

4. Homemade anti-flea spray

Making an anti-flea remedy at home will require an empty spray bottle, 2 glasses of water, 1 large lemon, 2 tablespoons of witch hazel without alcohol (sold in pharmacies), a tablespoon of dried lavender or a bundle of fresh lavender, a strainer, and a saucepan. Put all the ingredients (except the witch hazel) in the saucepan and boil on low heat for half an hour.

Remove the saucepan from the stove and let the contents cool. Use the strainer to remove all the ingredients, add the witch hazel and pour the resulting solution into the spray bottle.


5. Safe bathing

Use a shower cap to prevent water and soap from getting into your pet’s eyes and ears.

6. Saying goodbye to loose fur

Just a few minutes spent combing your pet every morning and evening will be enough to greatly reduce the amount of unwanted loose fur around the house.

7. An escape-proof collar

Small dogs and wide-gap fences are a surefire recipe for your four-legged friend going AWOL. Or not, if you’ve fitted your pet with a special collar or harness like this.

8. Bathing your cat

It’s best to bathe your cat in the sink, not in the bathtub. This will allow you to stay close to your pet, which will help both to calm it down and make the whole bathing process easier.

9. Making food for older dogs with bad teeth

Mix together some water, chicken broth and dry dog food. Put the mix through a blender. Place the resulting gruel in the microwave for 20-30 seconds.

10. Cleaning furniture

To remove pet hair from upholstery, put on a dampened rubber glove and swipe your hand over the fabric.

11. Getting rid of unpleasant odors

Putting a few dry green tea leaves in your cat’s litter box will help to get rid of those irritating smells.

12. Protecting your pet in a thunderstorm

During thunderstorms, static electricity accumulates in your dog’s fur, causing it much anxiety. Using wet wipes allows to easily remove static electricity, which will help reduce your pet’s discomfort and prevent it from having panic attacks.

13. Getting rid of dog breath

To your furry friend, parsley is the equivalent of peppermint chewing gum. Adding it to dog food will help freshen your pet’s breath in no time.

14. Protecting wires from sharp teeth

Wires, cords and cables should be threaded through pieces of PVC piping to prevent your pet from chewing on them.

15. Preparing a special treat for your dog

Freeze some apple slices in chicken broth — this will make for a great treat for your dog to enjoy on a hot summer day.

16. Protection from insects

To stop ants stealing food from your pet’s bowl, take a piece of chalk and draw a circle around your cat or dog’s feeding area. The ants won’t cross this line.

17. Taking it slow

Eating too quickly is unhealthy, even for animals. Putting a toy ball in the food bowl will make your dog eat more slowly.

18. A homemade cat house

To make a ’multi-storey’ cat house, take a few wooden stools and fix them together with screws.

19. Avoiding dangerous foods

The most harmful foodstuffs for dogs include: alcohol, chocolate, garlic, green potatoes and their sprouts, sugar, apricot and peach stones, onions, grapes and raisins, mushrooms and yeast dough.

20. A comfy cushion

This may very well be the best possible use for your old jeans!

Source: Blogspot