Apple and Nokia return to friendship after withdrawing all their demands

We could confirm that Apple is one of the big companies with more judicial problems nowadays. The Cupertino company is not only persecuted by numerous international organizations due to its illegal practices, but it has also filed suits with other companies due to the copying of technologies . At the same time Apple has sued, it has also been sued for the same reasons.


One of the big clashes of Apple was with Nokia. The Finnish company filed lawsuits in eleven different countries in late 2016 against Apple, which accused him of violating up to forty patents related to the user interface to display, software, etc . This past Tuesday Nokia announced an agreement with Apple certifying its new legal victory.

As we read on CNET , Apple will pay an amount unknown so far in exchange for Nokia to withdraw all the demands of the courts . This amount of money is representing all the losses suffered by Nokia during all the years in which Apple has used its patents without permission.

The recent good relationship between Apple and Nokia is not only based on the withdrawal of the courts, but also on the beginning of a very interesting commercial collaboration . “This is a significant agreement between Nokia and Apple. It makes our relationship with Apple from being adversaries in court to commercial partners who work for the benefit of our customers, “said Maria Varsellona, ​​head of Nokia’s patent business.
The agreement between the two companies will allow Apple to use Nokia mobile technology over the next few years in exchange for paying the corresponding money. On the other hand, Nokia can re-sell its health products in Apple stores, both physical and on the web, through its brand Withings.


“We are pleased with the resolution of this dispute and we are excited to expand our relationship with Nokia,” said Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer. These two companies have gone from being enemies to close partners in just five months, proving that collaboration is more beneficial than confrontation.