20 absolutely hilarious things that will make us love our grandparents even more.

There are a lot of reasons to love our elders. From all of their stories, their duties in war, all of the challenges they’ve experienced, and so much more, they’ve helped us get to where we are now. They’re also incredibly fun and carefree! Today we celebrate.

1.They still love to make new friends!

2.They have no boundaries to their fear!

3.They do whatever they feel like. Happy 100th!

4.They know how to throw a sweet and simple prank!

5.Their jokes are hilarious!

6.They help catch eye-candy!

7.They’re always going to be your best friend.

8.They inspire us!

9.They have are backs!

10.They show us the meaning of true love.

11.See! They know how to love.

12.They have nothing to be afraid of and teach us how to be the same.

13.They take us on adventures.

14.They’ll try everything you’ve always wanted to.

15.They show us anything is possible!

16.They always care for us, even if the end result is sometimes a little silly.

17.They don’t understand technology and it’s adorable.

18.They’re our superheroes.

19.They teach us to respect everything we have.

20.They teach us proper manners.

There is a lot to love about our elders and grandparents, and without them, we wouldn’t be where we are now. We owe them a lot, and their carefree attitude towards life adds just another reason to love them all the more!

Source: BrightSide