5 reasons break ups could be good for women!

Contrary to popular belief, a break up for women isn’t the worst thing to experience. Read on to find out why!


1. Go natural

A breakup makes you realize that you don’t need to go crazy about your looks and you can choose to be as hairy as you want to, as long as you want to, because hey – you have no one to please but yourself!
Go natural

2. Ice-cream it

Binge eating on Belgian dark chocolate ice cream (or any ice cream) is the best thing you could do – and guilt-free might we add.

Ice-cream it

3. Flirt it out

A break-up can really bring out the flirt in you as you find yourself having nothing to worry about and nothing to feel guilty about. It’s the best feeling, really.

Flirt it out

4. The shopping spree

A break up inspires you to splurge and doll up and makes you feel more confident than ever!

The shopping spree

5. You discover a new hobby

A break up is often the big push you need to do something you’ve always wanted to do. You start a new hobby with a passion and a vengeance!


Source: Meaww