20 things to do in 30 years, that was good in 50

When a person reaches the thirties, he begins a very interesting and important period. It was at this time often laid the foundation of your future life, it is now necessary to take simple and concrete actions, so you do not regret the wasted time and missed opportunities.


This material is written on the basis of the discussion of the question “What do I need to do in the 30 years that I would bring the most benefit in the coming years?”. We have selected the most popular answers from real people (many of whom gave them based on personal experience) and provided brief comments.

Do not smoke

If you are under 30 years old have not started smoking, then in any case do not do it now. If you already have this addiction, then now is the time to quit. It is hard to imagine a more damaging and silly hobby, which spoils the health and shortens your life.

Stop eating shit

At an early age his family our tastes are largely determined by in which we grow. But in 30 years it is time to include the brains and understand that proper nutrition has a direct relationship with your well-being and longevity. It’s time to stop snacking on the go, overeating pizza and hot dogs, drinking liters of cola and beer.

Save (or restore) the relationship with his parents, brothers and sisters

All we have time in his youth breaking anything, burn a few bridges and renounce the hateful past. But then comes the understanding that the most important thing in everyone’s life – it is a family, and all of these storms, revolution, beliefs come and go. So it’s time to restore the broken connection until it was too late.


Stop going out in the sun without sunscreen

Tan becomes fashionable, on the contrary. But regardless of this, it does not cease to be harmful. If you do not want to get dry very soon pigmented skin with lots of wrinkles, you will never forget the sunscreen.

Exercise regularly

All relatively healthy up to 30 years. Once – only those who have paid attention to this, and exercise regularly.

Begin to save money. even a little

Save money. Yes, this advice seems boring, banal and non-sexual, but it is really necessary. Now you are at the peak of his form, which subsequently started to fall, so that the day will come when the savings made will be useful.

Learn to appreciate what you have

One of the basic skills that you need for a happy life – is to learn to enjoy what you have, and stop myself gnawing unfinished for castles in the air. Yes, this approach your chances of becoming a millionaire will decrease, but you live a peaceful happy life. What is more valuable to you? You decide.

Cease to postpone the case for the future

Do you want to build a house? Children? To write a book? Learn to play guitar? Get another degree? A career change? It’s time to start this today. No, after thirty, too, life does not end, but then you will do something new harder and harder.

Follow the regime of the day

Now that night vigils for abstracts and multi-day spree behind, you need to understand the importance of proper diet and sleep. That is what will help you to save energy at the proper level, all subsequent years.

Keep your teeth

Let everyone who reads this point, dream of an old man or an old woman with the false teeth in a glass. Now run to the dentist, to bring their teeth in order!

Start collecting impressions, not money

You – the sum of your experiences. One day you wake up and realize that all your belongings have no meaning and value. Only your memories and impressions do not lose in value over time and are always with you.

do charity

In his youth, help us to stand up. In old age, help us to hold on a little longer. Only in adulthood, we have time for self-care and charity.

Conquer your fear

If you would like to jump with a parachute, to conquer the mountain top, to participate in competitions or a declaration of love that same girl, but now that very moment. What, then, sitting by the fireplace in the warm slippers, and regret all my life that did not dare?

Read at least 10 books a year

Few? To begin with, and it’s not bad, as long as the books were correct. And then, perhaps, you will enter into the taste and will read as heroes of the post.

Travel as much as you can

“I spent most of my life in front of a TV and a monitor!” – a sad prospect, is not it? To these words become your reality, you need as much as possible to break out of the circle of its normal life and go traveling. There is no better way to gain new experiences and expertise. And clean their brains.

learn meditation

If sports are designed to support your body in order, meditation performs roughly the same features, but for your mind. The benefits of meditation is confirmed by numerous scientific studies, so there is no mysticism or religion. Just daily cleaning procedures.

Find yourself

In 20 years, you are in every way trying to show his coolness and independence, but in fact painfully worried about every glance in his direction. In 30 years, you should already be cured of the habit to compare yourself with others and begin to be guided by your opinion.

Create your blog

If you have not done so already, now is the time. You already have something to remember, I have something to share and still have to dream about. The farther away, the more will be erased in the memory of those years, so try to commit them to paper. Otherwise how then to write his memoirs?

find a home

Yes, this is a complex issue, especially in our conditions. Nevertheless, every man needs a place where he will seek to return and that he rightfully can call home.

Begin to appreciate friendship

In the thirties already are, as a rule, the most proven and best friends who are not afraid of any trouble. Appreciate the friendship, keep it and develop. Such friends already in your life will not be, because the older, the harder people converge.

And what useful qualities, habits, goals would you advise the current thirty years?

Source: VK